Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to this years National Maori Hockey Tournament.


Firstly, ALL players MUST have Maori ancestry / bloodlines to represent any rohe as a player at National Maori Hockey Tournament.

To play for a particular rohe, the following criteria must be met:

  • You can play for the rohe you whakapapa back to; or
  • You can play for the rohe you are currently registered for club hockey; or
  • You can play for the rohe for which you first played your first National Maori Hockey Tournament for

If a player wants to play for another rohe and does not meet the above three criteria, they MUST seek permission from the rohe in which they are registered to be released to another team. Permission can be granted by that rohe only if the player does not have any outstanding debts with their rohe or hockey association. The player must also not have any current or pending disciplinary action against them in the process.

If you are the Manager or Coach of a Team then you can enter each player in individually into the Registration Forms.  This is the same as creating a list of players and sending it to us.

However if you want to send a list then please send it to waiarikihaupoi@gmail.com and we will add your team to the online database.

There is no age limit and it is at the discretion of the Rohe whether they permit them to play.  Please note that if it is younger players instead of adults it could become a danger factor for them.  They are to be advised that it is a Senior Tournament.

If Kapiti and Wairarapa are part of another Rohe then the player must either make themselves available to that rohe first or be released by that rohe to play for you. The exception is if they whakapapa back to your Rohe or played their first Maori tournament for your Rohe.


NZ Maori Hockey are always happy to help you with the correct information regarding funding.  For example you can get a letter from NZ Maori Hockey confirming you are affiliated to NZ Maori Hockey which will help you when applying for funding grants.  Please contact NZ Maori Hockey for more information.

You can register 20 players maximum per team. There is a maximum of 16 field players on any given game card.

NZ Maori Hockey will confirm the Team Registraton fees and dates shortly.